With Spring now in full swing it’s the perfect weather to read outside ☀️ So the bench on the terrace is back to being my evening go-to place – sweet Spring days!

For May there’s a lot of contemporary fiction on the table – British and Romanian, but also a classic sci-fi and a non-fiction story from Ethiopia. Enjoy!

Currently reading

I am now reading Nutshell by Ian McEwan, a super funny novel with an unusual narrator – an unborn baby who is the unknown witness to an evil plan.

This book landed in my bookshelf by chance, as an impulse purchase from a huge online second-hand bookstore – super book for only €3 🙂

Finished reading

First I read The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. It is a sci-fi story about a post-apocalyptic world where most people are blind and an aggressive plant, the triffid, starts killing people.

I loved reading this book, it was super captivating and ingenious. It was my second book by Wyndham, after reading The Chrysalids. Review of both books will follow!

Then I read a Romanian book – The Owl’s Nest (RO: Cuibul bufnitei) by Tudor Runcanu. It is mysterious and gothic, not super captivating. However I found very interesting the story of the main character, Elias, and the amount of culinary descriptions in the book.

It is not (yet) translated to any other language.

Next was the book I’m most excited about – The House of Fortune by Jessie Burton, sequel of The Miniaturist (my review). It tells the story of Thea, the teenager of the Brandt family, a well-known family in Amsterdam in the 1700s.

It is an e-ARC that to which I was granted exclusive access before being published to Netgalley, and I must say I devoured the book in only 2 days. Amazing!!

Lastly, I will mention the book I did not finish – The Wife’s Tale by Aida Edemariam. It did It tells the real story of the author’s grandmother, who married aged 8, in Ethiopia.

I gave up after reading about 50% of the book. It was very heavy on historical events, a bit too much for my reading taste, therefore I did not find it captivating enough to keep reading.

Reading next

When it comes to the near-future, I plan to read Set in Stone by Stela Brinzeanu – a fiction story from medieval Moldova. The author was born in Moldova, a country bordering Romania, with Romanian as official language.

Dear bloggers, the eARC is available on Netgalley, if you want to give it a try!

What are your reading plans for the next period? Any new releases you’re super excited about?

If you would like to buy books or other (non)bookish things, please consider using one of these links: Amazon | Waterstones | Carturesti. Thank you!

Till next time … happy reading!


Cover photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “What I’m reading in May 2022: British and Romanian contemporary fiction, and a classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi story

  1. So Cuibul bufnitei is a fine one? I was wondering whether it would appeal to me, but that description convinces me it might. Set in Stone sounds very interesting too, it’s translated or written in English first hand? Thanks for these suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cuibul bufnitei was a nice one, but it did not make it to my favourites list. I would say that the first chapters already give a good impression of the book – if you enjoy the beginning, then it’s a match 🙂

      Set in Stone is written in English! On her website, Stela explains quite a bit about herself – I found it quite interesting 😀 https://www.stelabrinzeanu.com/

      Liked by 1 person

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