Readers High Tea Wanderbooks

To celebrate the first year anniversary of my blog, I launched WanderBooks, an initiative that combines two of my biggest passions: books and travelling.

In a nutshell, WanderBooks travel around the world and share bookish joys with as many readers as possible! Keep on reading to find out the whole story …

§ Let me tell you why

I love the feeling of holding a book in my hands, feeling the fresh (or sometimes vintage) paper smell and turning the pages one by one. You can say I’m one of the old-fashioned readers who stay loyal to printed books and treat them with love and care.

However, reading paper copies has some disadvantages. The space they occupy in one’s apartment and the environmental issues (here I refer to the trees used to produce the paper) are just two of the drawbacks.

That’s where the idea of WanderBooks stemmed from …

§ What’s the drill?

In a nutshell, I want to let my books wander in the big wild world. As I do not usually re-read books, there’s no reason for keeping all my books in the bookcase … when they could be read and enjoyed by other people.

I have only one request from the person who receives a WanderBook: to pass it on! I hope the books will continue travelling to other people, spreading joy and thought-provoking ideas to as many people as possible.

§ What to do if you want a WanderBook?

First, you can check out the list of available WanderBooks here – these are the books that are in Bucharest at the moment. If you fancy reading one of them and you live in Europe, contact me and we’ll make it happen!

If you want to get inspired, here you can also see the WanderBooks that are already travelling out in the world, with their last known location.

§ What to do if you received/found a WanderBook?

First of all, enjoy reading it! 🙂

Secondly, you will notice that I added these small things in order to make the experience more special:

  • at the beginning of each book you will find a travelling history table, where temporary hosts can write their name and location, and the date they received the book; this table has the purpose of documenting the path of the WanderBook
  • the book is equipped with a bookmark, to easily keep track of your reading progress
  • there is also a short note about WanderBooks explaining their purpose and how to share your enthusiasm on social media 🙂
Readers High Tea WanderBooks example
WanderBook ready to wander

After reading the WanderBook, it is very important to pass it on! You can give it to a friend who you know will enjoy it or to a person you’ve just met. You can simply leave it at your favourite spot in a cafe you like, or you can leave it on a bench in a city you’re visiting. There are plenty of options, the choice is yours!

§ Spread the word about WanderBooks!

I am so much looking forward to hearing about where the books have travelled! If you’re posting on social media to share your excitement about the book you received, please tag the Readers High Tea instagram page and/or use the hashtags #ReadersHighTea and #WanderBooks. Thanks a lot!


‘Till next time … happy reading WanderBooks!