High Tea Intro

Hello! Before diving into the book sharing posts, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my vision for this blog.

To begin with, I am a M.Sc. graduate with background in Management of Technology and Computer Science. In my free time I enjoy reading fiction books, and I plan to experience with other types of books soon. Currently I have quite a lot of spare time, thus I thought it is the perfect moment to start this project that I’ve thinking about for a while. Apart from reading, I also like traveling, snowboarding, and I have a recent interest in calligraphy.

Regarding this blog, I envision it as a meeting place for book enthusiasts, a cosy place where you can share thoughts about books, discuss different novels, and find what book to read next. The blog will also contain other book-related posts, such as nice bookstores you can visit or places where you can enjoy reading a book while having a cup of tea 🙂 

These being said, let’s get the readers’ high tea party started!


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