While wandering on bookish blogs I’ve been inspired to write a more personal post, where I answer questions related to my bookish preferences – The Rapid Fire Book Tag that I’ve found on Read Diverse Books. Here we go!


§ eBooks or Physical Books ?ebook-vs-physical-book

I prefer physical books much much more than ebooks. The sensation of holding a real book in my hands, flipping the pages while also feeling its (old or freshly printed) scent is irreplaceable. Nonetheless, ebooks can be useful when you want to read one or more very long and heavy books on the go (your shoulders will thank you for not carrying them around the city). Conclusion: physical books  99%, ebooks 1%.

§ Paperback or Hardback ?

I prefer paperback books for two simple reasons: they are lighter and cheaper.

§ Online or in-store shopping ?

Both! I love going to bookstores, as I’ve also told you in my post about bookstores in the Netherlands. But I also buy books online as it’s more convenient. For English books I use bookdepository, for Romanian books I use local websites.

§ Trilogies or series ? 

I do not have any preference, as long as they’re engaging enough to read them all.

§ Heroes or villains ?

I like characters that are somewhere in between … or they transition from hero to villain (or they other way around) throughout the story.

§ Book you want everyone to read ?

I recommend reading The Circle by Dave Eggers, because the story touches upon very current topics –  just to name a few: datification, social media, extreme transparency. The movie will appear soon, I am very much looking forward to it!

§ The last book you finished ?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

§ Used books, yes or no ?

Yes, because they have a mysterious aura and it also fits with my recycling efforts. But quite recently I’ve been reflecting on the fact that the writer does not benefit (in terms of money) when I buy a second hand book … so now I’m somewhere in between.

§ Plot or Character ? 

Plot for sure! I like books that have a complex and energetic storyline that keeps me engaged from the first page ’till the the last one.

§ Weirdest bookmark ?

I usually have nice bookmarks, but sometimes I use post-its or bobby pins.

§ Borrow or buy ?

Usually buy, but I’m open to borrowing and lending books.

i-like-big-books-and-i-cannot-lie§ Long or short book s?

I read both, but I prefer long books.

§ Long or short chapters ?

Short chapters, as it’s easier to follow the story.

§ Name the first 3 books you think of !

Shadow of the Wind, Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird.

§ Humor or sadness ?

I like reading books that combine both humor and sadness. Even though sad books can impact my mood a lot, I think sadness brings a realistic touch to the story.

§ Reality or fantasy ?

I personally like reading realistic books more than fantasy ones. Of course, there are exceptions (who can resist Harry Potter?), but I think I can count on one hand the number of fantasy books I’ve read.

§ Are covers important?

One of the books I’ve picked only based on  the cover

Yes, they are important, especially when I’m not 100% sure I want to read a specific book. The cover can be the “detail” that convinces me to go for it or not.

§ Audiobooks?

Nope. I’m not a fan of audiobooks, as I do not have the patience of listening to them for a long period of time.

§ Book, Movie or TV?

Book and movie. It depends a lot on my mood and whether I’m alone or with someone else at that specific time.

I would like to tag Diana from cybabe.wordpress.com to answer these questions as well.

‘Till next time, happy reading!


Images from femsplain.com | theawkwardyeti.com | spreadshirt.com | thetravellingsquid.com

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