Wow, how did one year pass so quickly? It seems like only yesterday that I was brainstorming the name of the blog and thinking what to write in the “About” section … After celebrating the one-year anniversary of Readers’ High Tea with the launch of WanderBooks, I think it’s a good time to reflect on the past 12 months.

To begin with, here’s a brief summary of my blogging activity:

  • 19 book reviews (17 written by me, 2 guest posts)
  • 3 Book covers around the world posts
  • 3 Books+tech posts
  • 18 other bookish posts

A total number of 43 posts were published on the blog, with an average of approx. 3,5 posts per month. So I was quite close to fulfilling my initial objective of posting weekly 🙂

In May 2017 I also started the Facebook page of the blog, as I wanted a space where I can share more random-ish things about books (pictures, links, and others of the sort). The page has now 144 likes and I usually post two-three times a week.

readers high tea coffee
I like blogging from cute cafés

Thinking of the lessons learnt from my one-year blogging activity, here are 3 insights I would like to share with you:

§ Having a space to share my bookish thoughts motivated me to read more

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but since I started blogging I am much more excited about everything that has to do with books. Fortunately,  the “pressure” of wanting to provide content for the blog motivated me to read more than I used to! Not to mention that I had the courage to undertake huge books such as War and Peace … And yes, my to-be-read list is constantly growing!

§ Book bloggers do not post only book reviews

In spite of reading more, I don’t manage to read a book every week … and that’s ok! Before starting my blog I had this idea in mind that book bloggers post only book reviews. After getting to know a bit the bookish blogosphere I realized that book reviews represent maybe half of the total number of posts and that there are many other book-related topics that can be discussed.

§ It is very important to post regularly

Since the beginning, I wanted to post as regularly as possible (usually on Thursdays), but only later I realized that it is actually important to have a routine of writing and posting. This is great not only for the readers of the blog but also for my personal motivation and momentum … It is much more difficult to re-start writing on the blog after a break, that’s for sure.

To conclude, I consider that starting and maintaining my own blog had a positive impact not only on my reading activities but also on my life in general. And I am confident that the next year will be even better than this one! 🙂

Now I would like to ask you a question: what kind of posts would you like to read on Readers’ High Tea? Please share in the comments section, I am looking forward to hearing your opinions! Thanks a lot!

Till’ next time … happy reading!


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