After reading what Trang from Bookidote wrote about her reading habits, I felt inspired to share with you my reading habits. And to spice things up, I added some examples of visuals I fell in love with – cinemagraphs. Defined as “still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs“, cinemagraphs give the illusion of an infinite loop … which truly fascinates me.

Let’s get it started!

§ Reading place(s)

I have three types of places where I usually read:

  • at home, either in the evening before going to bed or very early in the morning
  • on airplane/train/bus, I noticed I have the most productive reading time while travelling longer distances
  • in a café, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea

Something that all places mentioned above have in common is that they enable me to read for longer periods of time (at least 30 minutes) instead of reading, for example, in short sprints of 5 minutes.

readers high tea maria cirstea
Cosy place for reading. Cinemagraph by

§ Reading playlist

None, as I do not enjoy listening to music while reading. I’m fine with background noises (for example, when I’m reading in a café), but otherwise, I prefer to fully concentrate on the book I’m reading.

readers high tea cinemagraph peace
Peace and tranquillity. Cinemagraph from Pinterest

§ Book state

It is said there are two types of people: those who write on books and those who hate writing on books 🙂 Well … I am part of the latter category. I like to keep my books as clean as possible, without any notes or writing on them. I feel that adding anything to the book would simply spoil it … What I sometimes do is use post-its if I want to mark something I find interesting.

readers high tea cinemagraph postit
I always have post-its at hand. Cinemagraph from

§ Reading speed and style

Well … it depends. I think I have an average reading speed, but of course, it also depends on the writing style of the author and my interest in that book/section of the book. For example, it happened to me to read exciting chapters so quickly that I had to re-read them, to be sure I understood correctly what was happening there.

What I find peculiar is that I don’t read every single word and I don’t remember many details, but while reading I focus on imagining the story in my mind and it’s just like I’m watching a movie … Does this make sense to you?

Hamlet_Cinemagraph readers high tea
Imagination makes everything possible. Cinemagraph by Orbo Cinemagraphs

§ Taking notes while reading

A new habit I acquired after starting the blog is taking notes while reading, with the purpose of having a starting point when I start writing the book review. I usually write quotes or page numbers on my phone, and when I’m really inspired I actually write my thoughts about that idea/quote if my laptop is close-by.

giphy readers high tea
It’s useful to have a laptop close-by while reading. Cinemagraph by conneryrennoc

§ Choosing the next book to read

Usually I ask my bookish friends for recommendations during our bookish discussions or I simply pick one book that seems to have an interesting topic 🙂 Most of the times I prefer to have a diverse reading list, for example after reading War and Peace (a long classic book) I plan to read a shorter and more recent book.

Imagini pentru cinemagraph dinner
Discussing books over a glass of wine. Cinemagraph by Ann Street Studio

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you enjoyed the fascinating cinemagraphs! Now tell me: what are your reading habits? Do you have any unusual preferences while reading?

Till’ next time … happy reading!


Cinemagraphs sources: | Pinterest | | Orbo Cinemagraphs | Reddit | Ann Street Studio

2 thoughts on “My reading habits illustrated by #cinemagraphs

  1. Cool cinemagraph:) i relate to your reading habits and places, but i also add the subway ride on the way to work and back. I cross Bucharest from east to west, and I like to spend that time reading. It gives meaning to an otherwise boring and quite long journey.


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