Hello, dear readers, and welcome to a new chatty post about bookish newscool projects, and other cultural stuff. As there are some interesting events happening in my home country, Romania, in the following period, I decided to share them with you … who knows, maybe you get inspired to participate and/or organize something similar!

§ Official attempt of breaking a record in Brașov

An exciting event is going to take place in Brașov, Romania! On April 22, right before the International Book Day, there will be an official attempt of breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest chain of people reading! The current record is 3.071 people reading … fingers crossed we will have at least 3.072 participants on Sunday! 🙂

readers high tea official attempt

If you’re interested in more details or you want to participate, check out their facebook page and their website.

§ The Night of Open Books in Bucharest

The International Book Day is celebrated in Bucharest with an already popular event among readers – The Night of Open Books, organized by Editura Litera on April 23. In a specially created setting, readers are invited not only to meet and spend time in a very bookish atmosphere but also to donate books and participate in workshops (eg: reading workshops for children, creative drawings for adults).

editura litera readers high tea noaptea cartilor deschide

More details are available on their facebook page.

§ Use your book as entry ticket at the Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca

The International Book Day is also celebrated in Cluj, Romania! If you have a book with you on April 29, you have free entrance at the Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca. It is already the 5th year this event happens! It aims to encourage people to read in public places and become ambassadors or reading.


Check out the facebook page of the event for more details.

I am very proud and happy to see that the International Book Day is celebrated in Romania by organizing these social events, and I am sure there are many other initiatives all around the country that will raise awareness about reading and books ❤

‘Till next time … happy reading!


Images: OmulSiCartea/facebook | NoapteaCartilorDeschise/facebookCluju.ro | Pixabay.com

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