It’s been more than 1 year since I started WanderBooks – the initiative of sending my books for free to readers eager to read them. Now it’s time for a yearly review of WanderBooks!

Readers High Tea Wanderbooks

This is how WanderBooks statistics look like at the moment:

📚 18 WanderBooks travelling in the world

🏁 14 countries reached 

🌎 3 continents (Europe, Asia, and Australia)

Let’s start with my home country, Romania, where there are 6 WanderBooks! Most of them are in Bucharest, and one is in Cluj-Napoca.

WanderBooks Romania 2018 Readers High Tea Book Blog
WanderBooks in Romania

Exploring further, 9 WanderBooks travelled to 9 European countries! From Norway to Spain, and from the UK to Bosnia and Herzegovina, WanderBooks seem to enjoy the “old continent” 🙂

WanderBooks Europe 2018 Readers High Tea Book Blog
WanderBooks in Europe (except Romania)

WanderBooks arrived even on Asian land! Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia are now home of travelling books! You might notice “Handmaid’s Tale” appears both in Denmark and Indonesia – that’s because it was first in Denmark, then in Indonesia 🙂

WanderBooks Asia 2018 Readers High Tea Book Blog
WanderBooks in Asia

Guess what?! One WanderBook also got to the land down under – Australia! It was seen in Melbourne, at the State Library Victoria.

WanderBooks Australia 2018 Readers High Tea Book Blog
WanderBook in Melbourne

If you want to see more pictures with WanderBooks, check out their Facebook album!

So … what’s next? Sending more WanderBooks, of course! Here are the lovely books that are ready to be sent at the moment:

If you’re a more visual person, here you can see their covers. I’m going to send the books only in Europe (because of cost reasons), and “War and Peace” will be sent to Romania for the same reason. All books are in very good condition, they were bought new and read only once.

If you want to receive a WanderBook, please contact me!

WanderBooks Readers High Tea Bucharest
First WanderBook 🙂

I have only one request from the person who receives a WanderBook: to pass it on! I hope the books will continue travelling to other people, spreading joy and thought-provoking ideas to as many people as possible.

‘Till next time … happy reading WanderBooks!


PS: I would like to thank all my friends, family members, and all the passionate readers I met through this initiative for joining the WanderBooks project! ❤

PPS: if you received or found a WanderBook, please give me a sign! I would like to find out where they’re travelling and also update their current location 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sending books for free in the world: 1 year of WanderBooks

  1. Oh, I’m sad. I’m in Canada and would have loved to receive the Umberto Eco or the Roy book. Ah, well.

    Congratulations to you on a successful year – and kudos for being willing to send your books out at your cost. Even to Europe, that’s very generous!


  2. This is such a cool idea! If I wasn’t currently reading a ton of books for my degree (I study English) then I’d totally be up for this! Maybe in the future I’ll take part! Books and travelling are definitely two of my favourite things


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