If you’re looking for some Christmassy inspiration, here are 4 ideas of cool bookish presents! A poster, a scarf, a bag, and a year full of books – what else could you wish for?

christmas garland readers high tea

§ 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

This poster works like a ToBeRead list – once you read one of the books, you scratch it off and you reveal its book cover. I think it’s a nice poster to hang on the wall, to offer reading inspiration or to keep one motivated.

I found it on 2 websites: UncommonGoods.com and NotOnTheHighStreet.com (on both sites it’s €13).

books scratch off readers high tea
Image from TheLiteraryGiftCompany.com

christmas readers high tea

§ The Book Lover scarf

How about a silk scarf that will always bring an elegant touch? The Book Lover scarf has more than 15 book covers on it, covers that were inspired by the original ones and reinterpreted by the designer.

The price of the scarf is €35 (tip: choose the Romanian currency to benefit from this price, the euro currency price is higher).

book lover scarf readers high tea andrea tincu
Images from AndreaTincu.com

christmas readers high tea

§ Bookletta – the bag for women who read

This bag is a great present for your girlfriend who always has a book with her! Bookletta has a transparent pocket design to protect and display your book, while also being stylish and durable.

Prices start range from €80 to €120, and there’s a book included in the price.


bookletta readers high tea bags
Images from Facebook.com/Bookletta

christmas readers high tea

§ A Year in Books literary subscription

How about a full year of bookish presents? The British bookstore Heywood Hill can send your friend a book each month. After an initial reading consultation with the subscriber, the booksellers pick a book each month, carefully pack it and send it to the designated address.

Prices depend on the type of books – for example, the 12 paperback books subscription is £225.

heywood hill readers high tea book subscription
Image from HeywoodHill.com

christmas readers high tea


That’s all for this year’s Christmassy inspiration:) What bookish presents have you bought this year? I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!

‘Till next time … happy Christmas-ing!


Cover photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash. All the other images are from the websites mentioned for each image.

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