You know me, I love everything related to books and travelling! When I read about the tag created by Renée from The Global Bookworm – The Global Reader Book Tag, I immediately knew I wanted to join the discussion.

To spice things up from a visual point of view, the answers are accompanied by beautiful illustrations created by Anastasia Dunaeva.

travelling images anastasia dunaeva readers high tea

§ From which country are you reading and blogging?

I am reading and blogging from Romania – a country situated in Southeastern Europe.

§ What is the best book from your own country and would you recommend to all other bloggers?

I have 2 recommendations – a classic book and a modern one. Both are written by Romanian authors, but their stories take place in other countries than Romania.

The classic recommendation is “Bengal Nights” by Mircea Eliade. The story follows the writer’s forbidden love story with the Indian girl Maitreyi Devi. It is one of my favourite books studied during high school.

The modern story is “Book of Mirrors” by Eugen Chirovici. It is murder mystery combined with psychological components that I read in two sprints. It surely keeps you hooked on!

travelling anastasia dunaeva behance

§ What is the best book you have read from another country last year?

If I have to pick only one book, then it’s definitely 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. The story takes place in Tokyo (Japan). It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, I cannot recommend it enough!travelling anastasia dunaeva readers high tea

§ From which country would you like to read a story or book this year and why?

It would be interesting to read a book from the Nordic region – maybe Norway or Sweden. I haven’t read any books from that part of Europe, so I’m looking forward to discovering the Nordic bookish flavours. If you have any recommendations, please tell me 🙂travelling girl anastasia dunaeva readers high tea

§ What is your favorite book to read while travelling?

Here I refer to travelling for holiday reasons. I also have job-related travels, but there’s not much reading happening during those trips.

The type of book I read usually depends on the type of holiday. If I’m having a relaxing stay at the beach side, I usually pick a (hopefully) immersive book, so I make the most out of the leisure time.

If I’m having a more exploratory holiday, then I pick a shorter and perhaps lighter book that does not always need a fresh brain to enjoy it.travelling adventure anastasia dunaeva readers high tea



‘Till next time … happy reading!





2 thoughts on “The Global Reader Book Tag

  1. So nice to read your answers and I really enjoyed reading your blogs and updates. So nice to see some more diversity in books! Hopefully my library has your recommended Hungarian books. I look forward to read more of your work!

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