The concept of book covers fascinates me from multiple perspectives. Whether it’s about synthesizing the key aspect of a story, balancing mystery and clarity, or reinventing the public perception on a classic story, the book cover is an essential component of the book as a whole.

During my research about book covers I discovered resources that brought me closer to the world of book cover design. Below are some of the most interesting ones, clustered into 3 categories: initiatives & projects, videos, and book(s).

📒 Initiatives & projects

§ Recovering the Classics – project that crowdsourced new cover designs for classic books “with the goal of reviving the canon for a new generation of readers

§ The art of book covers by Public Domain Review – illustrated article about book covers in the 19th century

§ Book covers around the world by Readers’ High Tea 🙂 – blog post series that aims to discover how book covers of famous books are illustrated around the world

§ Going undercover by Novels and Waffles – blog series comprising of interviews with book cover designers

📽 Videos

§ History of book covers by PBS (7′) – entertaining video about the history of book covers, from reader-owned leather covers to modern illustrations

§ The Art of Cover Design by Penguin Random House (5′) – brief interviews of designers about how they approach new projects

§ The art of first impressions – in design and life by Chip Kidd (19′) – funny TEDx speech of the cover designer who’s working with Murakami for over 20 years ❤

§ The hilarious art of book design by Chip Kidd (17′) – TED video where Kidd explains the story behind some of the books covers he designed, including the original cover of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

📘 Book that I haven’t read … yet

§ Cover by Peter Mendelsund – a collection of published & unpublished book covers, communications with writers with whom Mendelsund has worked, and many other book design goodies

Do you know any other resources about book covers and book cover design? Please let me know, I’m looking forward to increasing the collections of resources!

‘Till next time … happy reading!


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