“Shakespeare may have died over 400 years ago, but he is still very much alive today”

In a recent post about Hogarth Shakespeare I shared my interest in learning about Shakespeare’s stories in simple men’s language. While (randomly) looking for literature-related courses on the edX plaform, I found THE course: “Bard101x, Shakespeare Matters” by University of Adelaide. And I immediately enrolled!

To begin with, let me tell you that this is the most engaging online course I’ve seen so far – I got me hooked up and I can’t wait to go through all modules! If you’re interested to join, here’s the link: “Bard101x, Shakespeare Matters“. I am taking the free version of the course – auditing the course (I have access to all materials for 1 month; however, I cannot take the quizzes and I don’t receive a certificate).

The course self-paced and it is split into 5 modules / sections, each one detailing on a famous play by Shakespeare:

I will write about each module, as I go through the course.

The focus of the course is to “make Shakespeare your Shakespeare“. So the course started with a funny quiz to find out what Shakespeare character am I. Tadaaa …

the bard online course what shakespeare character are you
Image from Bard101x, Shakespeare Matters

In the meantime, you can find the complete works of Shakespeare here: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/

‘Till next time … happy reading Shakespeare! 🙂


PS: I am writing about this course at my own will. I was not paid to promote the course nor have I received any other compensation.

3 thoughts on “Bard101x, Shakespeare Matters – I enrolled in the most engaging online course about Shakespeare

  1. Well, this sounds interesting. I took two Shakespeare courses long ago, one in undergraduate school and one in graduate school (the undergraduate course was better). I wonder if I’d like to go to school again by taking this course?

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    1. For me it definitely has this impact – I wonder how it would have been like to study literature? I studied Computer Science and Management, so the only literature classes were during high school.

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