Welcome to a new bookish journey around the world! This post is about the book covers of the MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood:

Note: if you haven’t read the books, I recommend you to first get acquainted with the basic storylines using the links above, to better understand the cover illustrations and the remarks I wrote for each of them.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of book covers!

I’ll start with the MaddAddam edition I read – combinations of bold colours on white background, depicting genetically engineered animals that are featured in the story. I find these covers very attractive and joyous!


The next English book covers are similar, yet different – almost the same bold colours, but on dark background this time, featuring animals or plants. These covers are a bit messy for my taste, though I would definitely pick them up in a bookstore.


A geometric and animal-inspired design is used for the book covers from Turkey. I like a lot these covers, the abstract drawings and the mix of colours are an interesting choice!


The Hungarian book covers are super interesting and they definitely look like they’re part of the same series! I love the mix of animal/human elements with plant drawings, and I also find the colours very relaxing. When I see these covers I can imagine the members of the God’s Gardeners community reading them 🙂


Let’s go to Norway! These book covers have a strong component of genetics (first and third books have cells on the covers), which is aligned with the MaddAddam storyline. Though I do not understand why the second book does not follow the same pattern … maybe I picked the wrong book cover? Talking about the middle cover …


… it’s the same in Norway and Croatia! Travelling to Croatia, we find a plant-based dark theme, with many symbols depicted in a vine style. The images used on the covers are strongly linked to the stories, and the plant-related illustrations fit with the God’s Gardeners community.


Now we get to the unusual suspects. A third set of English book covers, very different compared to the other English ones. Lighter colours, strong accent on human eyes … these covers have a mystical component and make me think of magic, aliens, even a bit of soap operas. Not the best choice given the MaddAddam stories, if you ask me.


The German book covers have a similar vibe as the English covers above – mystical, vintage, and sad. It is interesting though that the third book is not called MaddAddam (or similar), but “The Story of Zeb”.


And now we get to the Italian book covers, the most unusual of all. First of all, the design is quite romantic and vintage at the same time, it reminds me of paintings from the Renaissance period. Secondly, two titles are adapted – “Oryx and Crake” is changed to “The last human being”, while “MaddAddam” is changed to “Another beginning”.


To conclude, is it safe to say that most covers of MaddAddam trilogy revolve around the genetic engineered animals & plants theme, in line with the stories of Margaret Atwood. It’s interesting to see that the book names were changed in some countries – what do you think of this type of localization?

If you know other interesting covers of the MaddAddam trilogy, let me know!

‘Till next time … happy reading!


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