2022 comes with so many amazing new books!

Here I am sharing which are the five stories to be published in 2022 that I am super excited to read 🙂

The Last Wild Horses by Maja Lunde

I’ve been waiting for this book with so so much enthusiasm! The Last Wild Horses is part of the Climate Quartet series, along with The History of Bees (my review) and The End of the Ocean (my review).

In a nutshell, is tells 3 inter-connected stories from the distant past and dystopian future, all related to Przewalski horses. It is a tale about extinction and survival, family and hope.

The House of Fortune by Jessie Burton

If you enjoyed The Miniaturist (my review), you’ll definitely be excited to read its sequel – The House of Fortune. Set in the 1700s Amsterdam, the book tells the story of Thea, who is just turning 18. Just like The Miniaturist, it is a story of “one young woman’s determination to rule her own destiny”.

In the meantime, before getting The House of Fortune in your hands, you can either (re)read The Miniaturist or watch the BBC mini-series made after book 🙂

Mrs. England by Stacey Halls

After reading The Familiars I am super curious to read more from Stacey Halls. She seems to be a master of creating beautiful stories set in the past!

Her new book, Mrs. England, is set in the 1900s, in West Yorkshire. Ruby May, the main character, is nanny of a powerful dynasty of mill owners. A tale about power and control, courage and truth.

Horse by Geraldine Brooks

The 2 books I read by Geraldine Brooks were super interesting – March (my review) and Nine Parts of Desire – so I cannot wait to read her new story!

Horse is based on the true story of the record-breaking thoroughbred, Lexington. The books braids 3 narrative threads, featuring an enslaved man in the 1850s, a gallery owner in the 1950s, plus a scientist and an art historian in 2019.

Burning Questions by Margaret Atwood

Happy happy joy joy – one more books written by Margaret Atwood! Burning questions is a collection of essays that answer … guess what … burning questions 🙂

Just some examples of the 50-ish topics discussed: How much of yourself can you give away without evaporating? What do zombies have to do with authoritarianism? How to define granola?

There’s a lot happening in the bookish world in 2022! What are your most anticipated book releases of 2022?

If you would like to buy books or other (non)bookish things, please consider using one of these links: Amazon | Waterstones | Carturesti. Thank you!

‘Till next time … happy reading!


11 thoughts on “My most anticipated book releases of 2022

    1. The Familiars is super nice! I’d also like to read The Foundling, heard so much about it.
      Stacey Halls is one of the authors that was totally out of my “reading bubble” until recently, I’m happy that I discovered her 😁

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