Ah, Summer is finally here – the time of cherries, reading outside, and watching the best sunsets 🙂 Quite a good time for reading, isn’t it?

Currently reading

My current read is Set in Stone by Stela Brinzeanu – a fiction story set in Moldova in the middle ages. It is about two young women who discover their own way in a world defined by religion and class.

As Moldova is so close to Romania, both geographically and culturally, I feel as if reading a story about Romania. Really curious how it will end up!

The book was originally written in English – so I can already recommend it to my international book lovers! ❤

Finished reading

I finished only one book during the past month … but what a book! Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead is a 900+ pages masterpiece telling the story of Marian Graves, a fictional female aviator in the 20th century.

Other amazing secondary stories are weaved through the narrative – two of the most important being Jamie’s (the twin brother of Marian) and Hadley’s (actress in the contemporary world).

Great Circle is definitely one of the books that I recommend reading if you enjoy long books, getting so very close to the characters and following them as they grow.

The funny thing with this book is that I received access via Netgalley back in April, I started reading it and it did not captivate me at all. After 2 months I decided to give it another go – and I loved it!

In June I also started a book that I did not finish – Nutshell by Ian McEwan. It is a novel with an unusual narrator – an unborn baby who is the unknown witness to an evil plan.

Despite enjoying the first few pages, I gave up after reading about a third because the story was so very simple and the characters lacked depth. It was funny at times, but that was not enough to keep me reading.

Reading next

I have 2 books that I want to read pretty soon – namely 2 books that I bought from one of the biggest book festivals in Bucharest (BookFest):

  • How to Stop Time by Matt Haig – the blurb reminded be of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (my review)
  • In the Land of the Pure (FR: Au Pays des Purs) by Kenizé Mourad – a story set in Pakistan, a country I haven’t yet explore from a bookish perspective

What are your reading plans for the next period? Any new releases you’re super excited about?

Till next time … happy reading!


Cover photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “What I’m reading in June 2022: stories of women – daredevil aviators to Moldavian rebels

    1. Oh, I see! It was the first McEwan book I read and I cannot agree more with you. What books would you recommend, where he better sustained the good starts?


  1. I read that Ian McEwan book, and I think a lot of it went over my head, because I’ve never read Shakespeare’s Hamlet so the fact that it’s a kind of comic retelling of that I missed altogether.

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