In February we went to the “Lord of the Flies” play, based on the book by William Golding. We received a recommendation from a good friend who had already seen the performance and it was enough to book our places.

lord of the flies excelsior theatre review readers high tea
Official poster. Image from Teatrul Excelsior

The story by William Golding follows a group of young men stranded on an island. Alone, without any adults to help them, the boys go through the challenges of survival and self-organization. Rational versus emotional, morality versus immorality – these contrasts were continuously present along the story line.

I read the book a long time ago, during high school. While I remembered the key messages of the story, I had no clue about the characters nor about the details of the events. So I was able to let myself be surprised by the happenings on the stage … and I was fascinated by the play!

lord of the flies excelsior theatre review
Picture from Teatrul Excelsior

To begin with, it is a modern adaptation of the story. The decor was immersive and rich in colourful elements. The acoustic elements were performed in real time (!) by 2 persons using drums and other acoustic instruments. It was amazing how well the sounds were coordinated with the increase of tension from the stage!

lord of the flies excelsior theatre review3
Picture from Teatrul Excelsior

Just like the book, the play is also quite violent. Characters fight on the scene, sometimes they hurt one another. Bullying, a topic so present in today’s society, is highlighted in “Lord of the Flies”.  The tribal dances performed by the boys were impassioned and sauvage, they reminded me of New Zealand’s haka dance.

lord of the flies excelsior theatre review2
Picture from Teatrul Excelsior

Each boy stranded on the island represented a human typology, and the actors delivered an incredible performance! It was so easy for me, as spectator, to be absorbed in the story and to feel the tension from the stage.

To conclude, “Lord of the Flies” at Excelsior Theatre is a play I definitely recommend. It’s a modern adaptation of the classic book by William Golding featuring talented actors and amazing decor & sound elements.

‘Till next time … happy theatre-ing! 🙂


PS: Some logistical details about the play – it took place at the Excelsior Theatre in Bucharest. The ticket was 50 lei/person (approx. 10 euro).

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