“Becoming” my Michelle Obama was another book I received this summer, along with other 17 books (the joy! <3). This book was the most surprising one to receive, as I had already strong plans to read it (meaning that I had borrowed it from Bookster just 1 week before actually receiving my own copy). It goes without saying that I read my own book, which also had a lovely wish written on it ❤

Becoming in a nutshell

“Becoming” is the autobiography of Michelle Obama, the first African American First Lady of the USA. It is the story of her journey from childhood and teenage years to political campaigns and being the wife of one of the most powerful men on Earth.

Overall impression

I enjoyed a lot the experience of reading “Becoming”, it is an inspirational story sprinkled with emotional and funny moments. I personally admire a lot Michelle Obama, and her biography raised to my high expectations. I will detail on 2 topics: the can-do attitude of Michelle, and my “blended” reading experience 🙂

Can-do attitude

The whole story of Michelle Obama is surrounded by her can-do aura. Despite originating from a simple and humble family, she studied at top universities (Princeton and Harvard), had a successful career as lawyer, then had the courage to shift her path to the non-profit and educational areas. As First Lady, Michelle advocated for girls education, military families, and healthy eating, among others.

Michelle Obama The New York Times readers high tea
Image from The New York Times

Reading experience

Lots of travelling + big paper book = partly reading the book (at home), partly listening to the audiobook (while travelling). For the first time ever I actually listened an audiobook without falling asleep! From my perspective, Obama’s voice is calm yet engaging, so listening to her while reading “Becoming” was a captivating experience.

Later edit – Michelle Obama launched a podcast in 2020. If you like her voice as much as I do, it is worth checking it out on Spotify – link here.

If you’re into reading guides, on the book’s website there is a comprehensive guide with 30 questions that can help you dig deeper into the story. It also contains a short Q&A with Michelle Obama about her writing experience.


“Becoming” is a story of a strong, high-achieving woman, who supported a lot her husband while also fighting to maintain a balanced family life. The book is beautifully written; Michelle shares in a candid manner her ups and downs, her wins and losses, while also offering genuine pieces of advice for readers.

“Becoming” increased my confidence that it is possible (and challenging) to have a successful career and a healthy family life. What autobiographies inspired you lately? 🙂

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‘Till next time … happy reading!


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