Books that prove life is better than fiction

Isn't it amazing how life finds a way to be better / stranger / more astonishing than what we can imagine? There are those unbelievable stories. And there are those captivating chronicles of nature, history, and human behaviour. Cheers to Non-fiction November! 🥂

Ten books to read this fall (Top Ten Tuesday)

Inspired by Top Ten Tuesday, today I share with you a list of books to read this fall. All these books remind me of autumn - either I read them during autumn-ish days, or the mood of the book takes me to autumn land. If any of the books catch you attention, you can read … Continue reading Ten books to read this fall (Top Ten Tuesday)

Becoming by Michelle Obama (book review) – behind the scenes with the 44th First Lady of the USA

"Becoming" my Michelle Obama was another book I received this summer, along with other 17 books (the joy! <3). This book was the most surprising one to receive, as I had already strong plans to read it (meaning that I had borrowed it from Bookster just 1 week before actually receiving my own copy). It goes without saying that I read my own book, which also had a lovely wish written on it ❤